...stands for
Margarethener Männerchor

(male choir from St. Margarethen).

 The choir has been founded almost 120 years ago and consists of ca. 25 amateur singers... 





  • a yearly Mothers day concert

  • christmas performance in the hometown nursing home

  • different social events

  • masses

  • festivities


These men come together every week because they love to sing. They appreciate the community and friendship that unites them. They want to learn and develop musically and I want to help them on their way. This group of enthusiastic singers became not just a choir to me, but friends and people I greatly appreciate for their generosity, support, and good spirit. 

why I did it ...







Konzert Margarethener Männerchor mit Rahela Duric
Konzert Margarethener Männerchor mit Rahela Duric


Konzert Margarethener Männercor mit Rahela Duric


Konzert Margarethener Männerchor mit Rahela Duric

Concert 2018

4 Elements: Water, Earth, Wind, Fire

Guest Choir:

Her(t)zFrequenz Chor


Conductor and Idea: Rahela Duric 


Concert 2017

... was about the bitter-sweet part of love, with a storyteller Mariou and a guest choir Her(t)zFrequenz Choir Graz ... 


Concert 2016

... was about being in school again ...
The scenario and idea: Rahela Durič


Concert 2015

... vacation, the sea side, mountains,

the spirit of the south.. 

"A journey to the south"