Chor der Musikpädagogik is a choir, whose members change every semester. It is a part of a study curricula for every future music teacher studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Therefore, there is a different project with more or less different singers every semester. 

The goal is to give all these students an idea about choir singing and a positive experience with choral music. This empowers them to bring their new knowledge and singing spirit into our schools and to our children. 

Workshop with Panda van Proosdij and Concert
27.1.2020, Minoritensaal Graz

Voices of Spirit festival Graz
24.11.18, Stadtpfarrkirche

Conductor: Rahela Duric


0:00 Still O HImmel (Folksong from Tirol)
2:20 Christmas Lullaby (J. Rutter)

5:49 Dum Aurora (Lorenzo Donati)

8:22 Joyfull joyfull (Carsten Gerlitz) 

11:08 Oh Jubel o Freud (Franz Herzog)



Singing Moves
Workshop on Choirography with Panda van Proosdij (NL)

Koncert: 27.1.20 Minoritensaal, Graz

WS 19/20
Xylophone Sticks

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana

Arrangement for Percussion orchestra Choir and Soloists

14.6.19 Stefaniensaal Graz

SS 19

Voices of Spirit Festival Graz, 

24.11.18  Stadtpfarrkirche Graz 

WS 18/19
Kinder ABO Chor KUG Graz mit Rahela Duric

Kinder ABO Konzert 

SS 18
Mozart Requiem mit Musikpädagogikchor KUG und Rahela Duric

Mozart Requeim with Jounesse Kärnten

WS 17/18
Musikpädagogik Chor mit Rahela Duric im Minorittensaal Graz

Music from our neighbours

SS 17
KUG konzert "Made in Austria" mit Musikpädagogikchor und Rahela Duric

"Made in Austria"

WS 16/17

Kinder ABO: Chor!

Conductor: Rahela Duric

Moderation: Ulla Pilz


"Dies Irae" from Mozart Requiem

Konzerthaus Klagenfurt, 20.1.18

Conductor: Ernest Hötzl,
Choir preparation: Rahela Duric