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Rahela Duric Projekte projects


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 
   Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Rahela Duric SUPERAR Steiermark



Superar is a social and musical project that offers a free, high-quality musical training in schools with a high rate of children with migrational backgrounds. The normal school timetable is alternated. The children receive 4 hours a week (an hour per day) of musical education, delivered by experts and professional musicians. 
Concerts and performances represent an important part of this project. After working for 2 years with kids in the classroom I then contributed to the project advising and coaching  the new generation of teachers. For updates follow us on facebook. 

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Rahela Duric meet4music Projekt


conducted 2016-2018

Logo: Pia Neururer


Meet4Music is a special initiative of the Institute for Music Education at the University of Music and performing Arts in Graz (KUG). It started and continues to be a project to integrate refugees into our community through music.  In these public meetings, everyone and anyone has the opportunity to express oneself musically and develop new musical experiences in weekly workshops on choir, theatre, drum circle and Gamelan.

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