11.12.2021; 18:00
Hotel Union Ljubljana

Concert with APZ Tone Tomšič and Choir Lipa

We will celebrate 80th anniversary of cultural silence in Slovenia. 

21.1.2022, 19:00

Cukrarna Ljubljana

Recital with APZ Tone Tomšič and slovenian poetry
read by Gregor Čušin;

In this concert we will also present 3 new compositions, that have won the competition with the title: Tradition of youth, which was held in October 2021.

16.2.2021; 19:30
Škofja Loka

Concert with APZ Tone Tomšič

A concert with mixed programme. 


Unionska dvorana Maribor

Concert with APZ Tone Tomšič, APZ Maribor, APZ Koper

Three academic choirs in Slovenia join to sing together. 

28.5. - 29.5.2022; 

Competition Naša Pesem 22
with APZ Tone Tomšič

The 50th edition of this renowned competition. 

18.6.2022, 19:30

Slovenska Filharmonija

Annual Concert
"The opressed and their dream"

with APZ Tone Tomšič

We will touch different forms of oppression, put into music. 



St. Martin/Graz

Steirische singwoche

The third edition of this singing and art week under my artistic direction. 


Schloss Seggauberg

Family singing week Seggauberg

My fourth time at this biggest family singing week in middle Europe.