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The Her(t)zFrequenz Choir Graz is still very young and was founded in Oktober 2016. The initiative came from both the conductor Rahela Duric and former Holy Spirit Gospel Choir singers. They felt a strong desire and need to sing together again. That's how the choir came to life.


R: "After leading a church student choir (Holy Spirit Gospel Choir), that sang every Sunday for seven years, I wanted to create a more open and wide concept of a choir. I wanted a broader range of repertoire, the age of the singers and performance possibilities. So I chose a very versatile combination of people with different backgrounds. It is really fun to work with this choir and a lot of the singers are my close friends. We are still in a process of finding our "choir personality", which takes some time. But I am very optimistic and positive about the progress." 



silence my soul
warm up
The next generation
warm up
warm up
awaiting the concert
be pricise!
Guest choir MMC
Guest choir MMC
Guest choir MMC
End story from me

Jun 13, 2019

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana in a new arrangement

A 40 years celebration project of Studio Percussion Graz, with Orffs´ Carmina in a new arrangement for percussion orchestra, choir and soloists. 

14.6.2019 Stefaniensaal Graz

21.6.2019 Koper Slovenien, Open air

May 10, 2018

4 Elements

We had a beautiful concert with visual projections and sensual effects to bring the 4 elements and the nature into the concert hall. 

Dec 19, 2017

We had a beautiful concert in the church of St. Leonhard in Graz. Music and texts that inspired to listen, to be quiet, to step out of the stress of the time before christmas. Guest choir Margarethener Männerchor. 

May 11, 2017

A concert together with Margarethener Männerchor about the sweet-bitter part of love. 

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4 elements Concert with MMC, 2018

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